Loud & Clean Services


Design and Installation

     LOUD & Clean specializes in the planning and installation of AM and FM transmission systems. The unique requirements of these systems pose a real challenge for broadcasters who wish to maximize their coverage, loudness and clarity. Careful planning in the early stages of a project, combined with attention to detail during construction and installation, can result in superior system performance at a much lower cost than attempting to fix problems after construction is complete.

Optimization and Maintenance

     AM and FM antennas and transmitters are as individual as fingerprints. Matching the performance of these important system components to each station's unique siting and coverage requirements is a major focus of LOUD & Clean. When existing facilities fall short of the mark, our experience with hundreds of systems throughout the country gives us an unparalleled ability to get to the heart of the problems and correct them at minimal cost.
     Existing systems with technical flaws can put a broadcaster at a competitive disadvantage. When a competitor seems to have a louder or more pleasant signal, LOUD & Clean has the answers. Modifications can frequently be made to existing equipment and systems to improve performance, and costs are usually much lower than equipment replacement.
     After optimization, LOUD & Clean can help set up routine maintenance programs to ensure that performance does not deteriorate over time.


     Philosophies of audio processing are like cooking recipes. No two chefs prepare quite the same meals, and no two diners like their meals quite the same. In the end, the success of an audio processing approach must be judged as a part of the overall programming effort, and quantified by evaluation of the audience attracted and held over time. LOUD & Clean has a long, successful track record in this regard, with many stations and groups reporting market dominance over several consecutive years.
     There's more to audio processing than turning knobs and flipping switches. The consumer marketplace is full of alternatives to radio listening, and all of these options comprise a broadcaster's competition. Compact disks and digital audio delivery systems have become the benchmark to which broadcasters must aspire. The complexity of radio broadcasting systems is a clear disadvantage. The music must, quite simply, pass through many more electronic parts on its journey from CD to radio receiver. While any single resistor, capacitor, integrated circuit, transformer, or transistor may have an inaudible effect on the sound quality, the effects of all of these parts in a system is cumulative and considerable. The first goal of a thorough approach to audio processing must be to reduce undesirable degradation of audio quality in the entire system. When the unprocessed audio is crystal clear, audio processing can be applied more aggressively. The idea is that any undesirable system artifact must be the result of a process which improves loudness and coverage, or it's not allowed.
     Every station's content and presentation is fine-tuned to appeal to the station's target audience, and audio processing must follow suit. The goals of processing vary with the music and the target audience. LOUD & Clean is experienced at making these decisions, and can help get your station the numbers and the revenue you desire.

Years of experience in real-world radio broadcasting from the perspectives of announcers, programmers, music directors and engineers makes LOUD & Clean your cost-effective one-stop solution.

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